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About Us 

St Mary Stoke is part of the Church of England in the Diocese of Suffolk.

 Currently in interregnum we enjoy the care of an interim Priest and SSM.  St Mary Stoke is the oldest church in what was the South West Ipswich Team Ministry (SWITM).  We have various ministries which, like all parishes, we are slowly restarting as covid-related restrictions are lifted.

Our worship style embraces both contemporary and traditional liturgy and some of the modern changes in services which have happened in recent years in the Church of England.  

St Marys Building from Stoke StWe are part of the Inspiring Ipswich initiative which is making strides to move our parishes away from managing decline to attracting new believers.  They are fully behind helping us to grow and create a more visible presence in the town.

These are brave new times in Ipswich for many churches and this is also true for us at St Mary Stoke.

It is a learning curve for all of us working as one church in one parish again, but we have much to look forward to, and with a new Rector to guide us, we embrace the future confidently. 


Stoke Street 



IP2 8DA