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Inspiring Ipswich

Inspiring IpswichInspiring Ipswich is an imaginative and exciting new initiative of our Diocese spanning 6 years from early 2019 until the end of 2024.  During this period it seeks to strengthen the existing 24 churches within the deanery of Ipswich, helping them to communicate good news and make new disciples, as well as adding 25 new worshipping communities into the mix.  Front and central is the overall aim of praying for and nurturing the faith of 1500 new Christians across the town.

With the help of a substantial grant from the Church Commissioners and central team, the project aims to support every parish with regular learning community gatherings and with a skilled Mission Accompanier, central courses such as 'Leading your Church into Growth, Evangelist training, Alpha training and the Growing Leaders' course are part of the offer and the support of two Deanery Pioneer Developers is available for those leading fresh expressions of Church.

The Deanery aims in everything to be 'relational, pastoral, missional and inspirational' and aspires to offer a good welcome and ongoing support to all clergy, primarily through its Deanery Leadership Team, it's Deanery Chaplains, clergy chapter meetings, Missional Leaders' Lunches and through the Archdeacon's ministry, which is focused solely on this one area.

One of the primary goals of Inspiring Ipswich is to help at least 5% of the population (around 7500 people) enjoy an opportunity to explore faith and our prayer is to offer Alpha or an equivalent to hundreds or people each year across the deanery.


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